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5 Reasons to Consider All-Inclusive Destination Wedding Packages

When you think of an all-inclusive destination wedding package, you may be thinking “huge, impersonal, and generic.” Not at all. You can find all-inclusives for just about any destination and for every wedding style. Here are the top 5 reasons to consider an all-inclusive wedding:

1. Streamlined planning

An all-inclusive takes much of the stress out of wedding planning, because so many choices have already been made. Instead of hours of researching endless possibilities, you’ll have a simple menu of options to choose from. And you’ll have the resort’s experienced staff to help you with every aspect of managing your big event.

2. No-surprises budgeting

Forget tracking the cost of every tiny wedding detail. Most all-inclusive resorts offer a variety of packages with customizable options. Just choose your preferences, then relax, knowing that your bill will have no big surprises. Your guests will also appreciate knowing exactly how much their whole trip will cost, especially if meals, drinks and activities are included. (But note: if you’re adding extras, make sure you know the fine print and pricing for each before you sign off on them.)

3. Packages for every taste and budget

All-inclusive wedding packages come in everyprice range, and in every flavor from intimate mountain hideaways, to huge tropical resorts with dozens of venues and activities. The destinations, too, are almost limitless. You may find your perfect all-inclusive wedding halfway around the world or just a few hours’ drive from home.

4. More choices than you think

Many resorts allow a lot of flexibility within their all-inclusive packages. You may be able to choose a different event venue at the resort, or swap out an activity for a different one that suits you and your guests better (snorkeling instead of golf). Just make sure you know exactly what’s included, then discuss with the resort’s wedding planner what options you may have within the package price. Most are happy to please you, as long as the requests are reasonable.

5. Togetherness

An all-inclusive package for you and your guests puts everyone in the same place. This doesn’t just enhance the whole celebration, as you and your guests enjoy the resort’s amenities together. It also saves you the worry of managing guests’ travel and personal needs. No wondering whether your cousins might get lost on the way to the wedding, or whether someone can drive grandma home early when she’s ready to turn in. Everything you and your guests need, including the staff to help you, is right there in one spot.

Bonus: Your Destination Wedding Travel Agent

If you wonder whether an all-inclusive wedding package might be right for you, please get in touch. As Destination Wedding and Honeymoon specialists, we can tie it all together for you, thanks to our knowledge of many resorts and resort wedding departments. We listen to learn exactly what you want, then work as a liaison between you and your chosen resort. The “Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Association” certification is your promise that our whole network of travel colleagues is there to help you find the perfect all-inclusive for your budget and your dreams.

Don Fuchs July 22, 2014