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5 Tips for a Romantic Destination Proposal

5 Tips for a Romantic Destination Proposal

Couples don't just do destination weddings these days, they do destination proposals, too. What better way to make popping the question truly memorable, than to do it in a memorable spot? If you're thinking about taking your beloved on a special trip to say "Will you marry me?" we offer our best tips for a successful destination proposal.

1. Know the answer before you ask. This is the most important tip from all our proposal experts. If you're not sure whether your sweetie will answer with an enthusiastic "Yes!" then your relationship probably hasn't reached the long-term commitment level. Save the destination proposal trip until you're sure. However, if you're confident you'll get the right answer, read on:

2. Make it personal. When you're planning where and how you're going to pop the question, build your plan on what your sweetheart loves, and what you love to do together. If your favorite couples activity is dinner and a dance club, plan that kind of evening around your proposal. If you're always outdoors, take a picnic to a scenic and quiet spot to pop the question. If your favorite thing is evenings and mornings at home together, then a romantic room service dinner or breakfast might be the way to go.

3. Enlist the resort staff. Most resorts are great at helping romance along. Ask your concierge to help you pick that scenic spot for your outdoor proposal, or have the maitre d' at the resort restaurant stand by with the champagne. One of our favorite romance resorts, Sandals, has even introduced a new Engagement Concierge Service to help you with the perfect proposal getaway. Ask us about it when you book your trip.

4. Don't make your beloved guess what to pack. Even if your destination is a surprise, you can give your sweetheard enough information to help them pack appropriately for the weather and activities. You can tell them to pack for a ski weekend, a few days at a casual beach resort or an overnight at a glam hotel, without giving away the surprise. And they will be much happier if they're not fussed about having the wrong clothes.

5. Take care of that ring! You know you need to keep your expensive engagement trinket secret from your sweetie. However, don't hide it where it might be lost or stolen. If you're driving, keep it in a secure pocket or maybe locked in the glove box. If you're flying, do not put it in checked bags which can get lost. Put it in your carry-on in a secure container. But not in the jeweler's box, you don't want your intended to catch a glimpse of it and spoil the surprise.

For more proposal ideas, we've found these inspiration from some of our favorite romance and wedding websites.

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So when you're ready to plan your destination proposal trip, be sure to give us a call. We have all the best destinations and romantic ideas at our fingertips. We can help you find the perfect spot to pop the question.

Don Fuchs August 23, 2016 Travel agent services, Resorts and Destinations