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5 Ways to Entertain Your Groomsmen Before the Wedding

The bride and her bridesmaids are spending the day at your wedding resort's spa, getting pampered, primped, styled and dressed for the ceremony. So what is the good groom to do to keep his groomsmen happy and busy while waiting for the ladies? The first suggestion always seems to be "play a round of golf." But many men do not enjoy golf, so here are some other ideas to help pass the day before it's time to suit up for the festivities.

1. Take an expedition. Now's the chance to take in some of the sights that didn't interest the bride and her friends. Depending on your destination, you may have a whole array of choices- anything from a hike or ride to a scenic spot, to a tour of a historic site, to a day sail or a snorkeling or kayaking expedition.

2. Play some games. A little athletic activity and competition is a great way to burn off energy and pre-ceremony nerves. Your resort probably offers a wide range of sports and games you can indulge in for an hour or two. Pick an old favorite like beach volleyball or tennis (or even golf!) that you and the guys have often enjoyed, or try taking a lesson in some new game for the fun of it. (Tip: stay away from the high risk and high impact sports. Nothing spoils a wedding celebration like a trip to the emergency room, even if it's only for a sprain.)

3. Have a groomsmen's lunch. Ask the resort to help you choose a casual dining spot that serves your favorite foods, and take the guys to lunch. This is a good time to share memories, exchange groomsmen gifts, and tell them what their attendance at your special day means to you.

4. Do a groomsmen photo shoot. If you only have an hour or so extra to fill, have the guys get dressed early and plan a photo session just for the groomsmen. Pick a theme or a bunch of themes, and get as silly as you want. Who knows, one of these photos might turn out to be your favorite groomsmen photo from the whole day. If you need ideas, here's some inspiration from one of our favorite wedding blogs, Offbeat Bride:

5. Visit the spa. Yes, we're serious. Though you and the groomsmen may not need the full day beauty regimen of the bridal party, you'll still want to look sharp. Many destination wedding resorts offer spa and grooming services just for the groomsmen, including manicure, facial, hairstyling, and even a massage. After that kind of royal treatment, you'll all head for the ceremony not only relaxed but looking your very best.

If you know you'll need some great choices for groomsmen activities, be sure to mention it to us while we're discussing your destination wedding arrangements. We'll help you choose a destination that offers what you and your groomsmen need.

Don Fuchs June 9, 2015