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6 Ways to Make the Most of a Bridal Show

1. Spend the day. A bridal show is a great opportunity to shop and compare among a wide range of vendors all in one spot, so unless you’re only looking for one or two vendors, an hour or two won’t do it. Wear comfortable shoes, light layers to keep you warm or cool, and maybe even water and snacks if you’re not sure they’ll be available at the venue.

2. Bring friends. Whether it’s your mother, your maid of honor, your groom or your whole wedding party, going in congenial company helps make the day more fun. Your friends can give you a different perspective on the various vendors. If the show is really big, you can even split up and have them check out some vendors while you look at others.

3. Have a plan. Whether you’re just starting to shop for wedding services, or wrapping up the last few, take a list of what services you’re looking for, and what information you want about each. That way you won’t waste time talking to vendors who offer things you don’t need.

4. Take time to talk. Even a short conversation with a vendor will tell you more than you can learn from just grabbing a flyer. Do you feel comfortable with them? Do they seem well-organized and professional? Do they listen carefully and respond to your questions, or stick to a rote sales pitch? Or do they hard sell you on signing up right now?

5. Take notes. You’ll want to remember specifics from vendors you talk to, and so write it down. You can use a paper notepad reserved just for wedding planning, or a memo app on your tablet or phone, or even make notes directly on the vendor’s flyers. Just make sure your notes are clear and easy to follow when you need to refer to them later.

6. Have a good time. Planning your wedding should be fun, not a high-stress campaign. So relax and enjoy your day out!

Don Fuchs June 17, 2014