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7 Ways to Save When Planning Your Honeymoon

If you're planning your honeymoon on a budget, some planning and careful choices can help you get a lot more for your money. Here are our best money-saving honeymoon planning tips:

1. Compare destination air fares first. Before you settle on a honeymoon destination, remember that a major factor in comparing destinations is the airfare. Popular destinations usually have many more flights and fares to choose from than smaller spots. For example, a Caribbean honeymoon to Jamaica and Puerto Rico offers plenty of nonstop service from the United States, while some of the smaller islands may require a connection on a local airline, at added expense.

2. Avoid holidays, school vacation and special events. Nothing jacks up prices more than a holiday or major event. Expect to pay top rates during the winter season around Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's Eve. You'll also pay more at many destinations during school vacation breaks.

3. Consider shoulder seasons. Many destinations have specific “tourist seasons" as well. Wine-country rates rise during the grape-harvest season, while New England stays are at a premium during autumn leaf-peeping time. Look for the shoulder seasons in these destinations, when weather is still good, but the biggest crowds have gone.

4. Be prepared for off season risks. While some great low-season bargains are out there, you need to know the risks. You'll get amazing deals if you go to the Caribbean during hurricane season or to the Pacific during the monsoon months — but you also have a higher chance of encountering bad weather that can spoil your trip. If you want to take your chances, ask about guarantees or travel insurance.

5. Factor in all the costs. The biggest mistake you can make is assuming that airfare plus hotel price equals the total cost. You'll need transportation to and from both airports, plus taxes, food, drinks, tips, and any transportation and activities that are not included in your package. And don't forget shopping – you're sure to want at least a souvenir or two.

6. Be flexible with travel dates. Check out alternative travel dates surrounding your wedding day, both at the start and finish of the trip. If you marry on a Saturday, you may find that the fares are much higher on Sunday than if you wait to leave on the following Tuesday.

7. Book early. If you're going to a popular destination in peak season, don't wait for fares to drop — they're more likely to go up as inventory sells out. You also don't want to miss out on the chance to get the schedule you want.

And remember, we're here to help you find the best deals and packages for your dream honeymoon, whenever you travel. So give us a call and let us put our expertise to work for you. Who knows – even your impossible dream honeymoon spot may be in reach.

Don Fuchs January 25, 2015 Travel Tips