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A Honeymoon Registry Can Make Your Trip Unforgettable

If you're like most wedding couples, you already have a fully equipped household by the time you reach the wedding date. You don't really want your guests to give you more kitchen equipment or household furnishings. So why not have them help you upgrade your honeymoon?

A honeymoon registry works just like a wedding registry, but instead of household items, your guests can buy you all kinds of amenities and luxuries that aren't in your own honeymoon budget. You might ask for:

  • an upgrade to your room
  • lunches and dinners at nearby restaurants
  • couples massages or spa days
  • local sightseeing expeditions - the mountains, a day sail, a tour of a historical site
  • extra activities like golf, sailing, or wine tastings
  • gift certificates for local shopping
  • car or limousine rentals
  • and even little extras like having flowers in your room, or covering some of the gratuities

The possibilities are limited only by your own wishes and what's offered at your destination.

Our honeymoon registry gives you just as many options for how to notify your guests and let them choose a gift, and how you will be paid for their gifts. And if grandpa isn't comfortable with the internet, he can choose a gift and make a payment by phone.

To see how it works, have a look at this sample registry: Honeymoon Dreams Registry

With the honeymoon gift registry, most couples receive, on average, $2,500.00 in gift money to spend on their special getaway. We also let you create your own website to share your trip with your family and friends by posting pictures and details. Imagine how pleased they will be to see those photos of you enjoying their gifts.
If you have questions about how a honeymoon registry can benefit you, email us or call us. Or start your honeymoon registry by clicking on our honeymoon registry home page. Get what you really want for your honeymoon!
Don Fuchs January 10, 2015 Honeymoon services