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Another Side of Weddings in Mexico

Another Side of Weddings in Mexico

I have just returned from another trip to Mexico, but this time I went to the northwest part of the Yucatan peninsula to visit a beautiful colonial town called Merida. This is not the kind of place most people think of when you mention Mexico. Most people first think of beautiful beaches and unlimited cocktails. Merida is a very old city with a completely different take on destination weddings.

What makes the difference is Merida's many haciendas. Many years ago these large estates were built to grow and harvest the leaves of Agave fourcroydes which yield a fiber suitable for rope and twine. Each hacienda was like a complete town, with small homes, grocery stores, and always a chapel. Many haciendas employed hundreds of people to harvest the fields. With the introduction of plastics, the need for rope fiber has dwindled. But the haciendas remain.

Each hacienda is a beautiful complex of buildings that can hold hundreds of wedding guests in a historic setting. My colleagues and I visited eight different locations, each just a little different. They are especially lovely for that special evening reception, complete with the most outstanding food.

While most of the Haciendas do not have accommodations for guests, they offer truly romantic rooms for the couple to celebrate their wedding night. For your guests, the hotels in Merida and the surrounding area are less expensive than those in the beach resorts of Cancun and Riviera Maya, yet they offer the same great food and drinks, and night life for everyone. If you are looking for a very special place to celebrate a uniquely romantic destination wedding, consider Merida.

Don Fuchs June 21, 2017 Resorts and Destinations