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Choose Romantic Paris for a Honeymoon to Remember

Choose Romantic Paris for a Honeymoon to Remember

It's often called the City of Light, but I have also heard it's the City of Love. Yes, it's Paris. The name alone says it all. From the banks of the river Seine to the Eiffel tower, the views around Paris take your breath away. Many young couples, and older ones, too, grew up watching movies with wonderfully romantic images of Paris. So a honeymoon in Paris seems the ultimate in romance: the quiet walks, the cafes on the streets. When a young girl starts dreaming about her wedding, many times the honeymoon she pictures herself in takes place in Paris.

Visiting Paris with your new spouse adds to the "feeling of love" the city generates. The museums, the architecture, the food all contribute to the feeling. Creating new memories is what a honeymoon is all about. So if you are looking for the most romantic and memorable honeymoon location, Paris is the place.

Even better, the affordability of Europe right now is great. Consider a boutique hotel on a long, quiet avenue with lots of shops and cafes, and you have instantly created the honeymoon of a lifetime. We are experts in finding those out-of-the-way hotels that cater to lovers.

And you don't need a honeymoon to create the memories that only Paris can create. Whenever you get the urge for a trip that's all things romantic, call us and we will find you the perfect spot.

Don Fuchs December 9, 2015 Travel Tips, Travel agent services