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Choosing a Destination with the Best Festivals - Barcelona, Spain

Choosing a Destination with the Best Festivals - Barcelona, Spain

Choosing a Destination with the Best Festivals

Despite being a busier month to travel there is something to be said for vacationing in June. Not only is the weather fantastic in many tourist destinations throughout the world but it is also the beginning of festival season in many areas as well. The opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors adds to the list of unique travel experiences available to you during this particular time of year. The options are endless, so where do you start??

The first thing you should do is decide what type of adventure you're looking for. Do you want to enjoy the beautiful weather, or do you want to experience a vibrant nightlife with lots of unique festival venues? Would you rather spend your time viewing artistic works or listening to musical performances? Once you figure this out you can explore the many destinations that might suit your festival vacation dreams. An idea of what is out there will help in making that ultimate decision.

Barcelona, Spain - In Barcelona festivals, or fiestas, are a very common occurrence and the busiest festival season is the summer. June sets the season off, starting with a few very popular events.

  • Sonar Festival – There are many kinds of festivals and although the Sonar festival might not be for everyone it is a very much-loved event for many. The electronic music festival is one of the most impressive of its kind, with the bulk of it playing out in the La Fira Montjuic, but happenings taking place throughout the city.
  • Grec Festival – If you love dance, music, theater and everything in between a visit to Barcelona during the Grec Festival will afford you the opportunity to enjoy a little bit of it all. Held at multiple venues throughout the city, it will also allow you to see much of what the city has to offer.
  • Primavera Sound Festival – The Primavera Sound Festival is another popular music festival held in June with many acts you may have heard of in most years. See performers like The Cure and Radiohead alongside newer bands and performers in a spectacular outdoor venue.

There are all types of festivals held throughout the world that will allow you to explore art, music, culture and so much more. June is the perfect time to travel if this is something you want to experience, but also because the weather is fantastic, and the entertainment is endless. Whether you just want to book a quick weekend getaway or spend a week exploring somewhere you have always wanted to see, contact and book your next special experience with us today at Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Planners. 401-397-5515 or 888-297-0040.

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