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Depend on Your Certified Romance Travel Advisor for Your Destination Wedding or Honeymoon

Depend on Your Certified Romance Travel Advisor for Your Destination Wedding or Honeymoon

When you’re planning your wedding, you're always on the web searching for dresses, bakeries, flowers and more. So it's natural to think, "I’m online anyway, why not look for a resort for our honeymoon? I’ve heard from my girlfriends that booking travel online is so easy, so why not just find that tropical resort and book it myself? I can probably save some money by not using a travel agent."

But this isn't any vacation trip. This is your honeymoon, you want to be sure of spending your money wisely. And when you get into the maze of online travel sites, there are so many choices and packages and bargains - how can you be sure you're choosing the right place, and getting the best value?

That is where your certified Honeymoon travel agent comes in. We have many years experience in the travel business, and we specialize in helping couples find and book the honeymoon trip that is right for them. One way we do that is to get the training offered in to travel agents in resorts all across the world, to learn all the special amenities of each location

One big annual travel agent conference is the Love Mexico event, which covers all of the resort destinations across Mexico. Last fall, Love Mexico was held in Riviera Maya, and we were there for many days, visiting resorts and soaking in the culture. We also visited exciting locations for Mayan weddings, cenotes for the perfect trash the dress ceremonies, and more. We even know which rooms in these resorts are best, and which are sold to the online travel sites.

Love Mexico isn't the only travel agent event we attend. We travel often, to many different countries to get firsthand information about travel there. And thanks to that information, we can sit down with you to talk about your honeymoon ideas, then match you to the perfect honeymoon location. And remember, there's no cost to you when you let a travel agent book your honeymoon. (Read more about the benefits of using a travel agent).

So when you are thinking of booking your honeymoon, look for a travel agent that has a certification. You can trust us to help you make the best choices for your Destination Wedding or Honeymoon.

Don Fuchs February 21, 2016 Travel Tips, Honeymoon services, Travel agent services