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Destination Close-Up: Staying Over the Water in French Polynesia

Destination Close-Up: Staying Over the Water in French Polynesia

I was recently asked: “What is your favorite island in French Polynesia?” I hear this question often. As you can see from the picture above, I generally reply: “Any island that has over the water bungalows.”

The beauty of the islands and the hospitality of the people all play a part in what makes this chain of islands so magical. The over the water bungalows add an extra dose of tropical magic.

Imagine waking up each morning to soft breezes, then looking out over the beautiful waters of the South Pacific right outside your windows. Every day you check the glass floor in your bungalow to see what is swimming under you. After diving, snorkeling or sunning yourself all day, you can just step out to your private outdoor shower to refresh yourself. And the food is out of this world, always fresh and tropical.

It’s the evenings when these lovely, intimate resorts really come alive. Stars by the millions glitter overhead, as you laze on your deck over the water, sipping your favorite drinks.

You can read more about French Polynesia in our earlier post here. If you believe you and your sweetheart deserve a little slice of heaven (and we all do), talk to us about planning that special honeymoon in French Polynesia. We have the tools to help your honeymoon dreams come true.

Don Fuchs January 25, 2016 Travel Tips, Resorts and Destinations