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Destination Wedding Closeup: Riviera Maya

Destination Wedding Closeup: Riviera Maya

We covered Cancun in our last blog, so this time, we travel south to Riviera Maya. This area is truly unbelievable! The resorts are way off the main highway, and most have an impressive entrance that draws you in, so you know your experience is going to be special.

Resorts in Riviera Maya have more room to spread out, which means the beaches are bigger. A couple of resorts even have shopping malls, so if you forgot to pack anything, chances are you can replace it. As in Cancun, we have both adult and family properties here. Restaurants are plentiful, and since the resorts are all-inclusive you have multiple choices in each one.

Riviera Maya is so beautiful that weddings are held daily at most resorts. Many have multiple weddings per day, so keep that in mind when planning your day. All of the same wedding services are available here, and there are a few that might surprise you, including some unusual types of weddings.

If you are scuba divers, you now can have an underwater wedding. You can even have your attendants down under water to witness the event. If you are looking to have an traditional Indian wedding, some properties can accommodate large numbers of guests, and you can hire an elephant or a horse for the procession. A good number of brides prefer to have the Mayan priest preside over their ceremony for a unique wedding.

One of our favorite resorts in Riviera Maya is the Barceló resort. This newly refurbished hotel has it all: a new shopping mall, new guest rooms, and a great outside restaurant.

Another favorite is, once again, the Hard Rock Hotel. It offers a choice between an adult section and a family section. Although the beach may not be as spectacular as some others, it has plenty of oceanfront cabanas to enjoy the bright sunshine. Hard Rock also has a huge outdoor concert area where bands come to play throughout the year.

Both resorts have excellent wedding departments, and will cater to your every wish. And if you don't see what you need from these two, we can help you find the perfect resort for your Riviera Maya destination wedding.

Don Fuchs May 26, 2015 Travel Tips, Wedding planning tips