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Get Ready for Bridal Shows Before You Go

We’re getting ready to exhibit at our first bridal show of the season, Cherish The Moments Bridal Extravaganza 2014, at the Alpine Country Club in Cranston, RI. Here’s how you can get ready to go to your next bridal show:

1. Create a wedding-only email account. Many vendors will ask you for your email. Giving them a special email address keeps all the information in one place, and you can also use this email to register for online wedding sites. Once your wedding is over, just delete the account to stop all those promotional emails.

2. Research the vendors. Spend some time with the list of vendors on the bridal show’s website. Look at vendor websites and social media, read any reviews and browse through their portfolio galleries. When you arrive at the show, you’ll already have a good idea of which vendors you want to meet first, and perhaps a few to avoid.

3. Ask for free passes. Bridal shows nearly always give tickets to their vendors, to offer to clients. Call some of the vendors you are interested in, and see if they can get you some tickets. It helps if you can tell them, honestly, that you’re coming to the show partly to meet them and discuss your wedding.

4. Be informed about what you’re shopping for. Unless you are in the earliest stages of researching wedding costs and services, you should arrive at the show with a definite budget in mind for each service you need. Ideally, you will also have a pretty good idea of typical costs and packages offered in each wedding related industry. This information will help you spot a really good show bargain if you see one, and avoid “special show offers” that may not be a good value for you.

5. Bring your own address labels. Having a sheet of address labels speeds up the process of signing up for vendor information. Instead of writing out your address over and over all day, just stick your label on their signup sheets, and you’re done. Plus, you won’t have to worry about whether they can read your writing. Be sure to include your wedding date or approximate date, so vendors will know when to get in touch without becoming a pest!

6. Arrive before the show begins. Being first in line gets you in the door before the crowds. You’ll be able to take advantage of any early bird specials vendors are offering. Plus you’ll be talking to vendors when they’re fresh, instead of when they’re tired at the end of the day. And you’ll see which vendors are ready to go on time, and which are still scrambling to set up for the show when it opens. (Hint: the scramblers may operate the same way at your wedding!)

You can also check out our previous post on what to do while you are at a bridal show. And if you’re coming to the Bridal Extravaganza, be sure to register in advance to qualify for door prizes and giveaways. Then please do come by our booth and say hello.

Don Fuchs September 2, 2014