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Get the Best Information about Zika Virus

Get the Best Information about Zika Virus

You've surely heard many stories about the Zika virus and the dangers it can pose. Many sources advise that traveling should be limited for newlyweds and any young couples who might be pregnant or hoping to become pregnant.

Does this mean you should scrap your plans for that dream tropical wedding or honeymoon? Not necessarily. What's important is to get the best information and be fully informed about any risks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has the most current and accurate information about Zika risks anywhere in the world. As a US government agency charged with public health, it offers resources that cover everything from visiting countries with the virus, visiting friends who live in affected areas, what are the best methods to prevent being infected, and the symptoms if you think you have been exposed to the virus; even how long to wait if women want to ensure they are disease free before trying to become pregnant.

So go to the CDC's Zika page, to start learning what you need to know, whether you are a man or a woman.

And don't give up your tropical dreams yet. Many resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean have no cases of Zika reported and many are taking steps to ensure no outbreaks happen at their resorts. As your wedding and honeymoon travel planner, we can get you current Zika information for any resort you are considering. However, your best protection is to know and understand the Zika facts, before you travel.

Don Fuchs July 5, 2016