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How Soon Should I Start Planning My Honeymoon?

How Soon Should I Start Planning My Honeymoon?
The average wedding couple begins honeymoon planning way too late to be able to find the very best values for their Honeymoon.

That’s why couples really need to start early and find a wedding and honeymoon destination and resort certified travel agent.

Adding a travel agent expert to your wedding team should be right up there with your wedding planner. The agent is there to observe the best honeymoon fit for the couple. The agent interacts with the couple to find out their likes and dislikes to determine where the couple might want to spend their honeymoon. Are they daring and adventurous? Are they foodies? Does one want to lie on the beach all day while the other is zip-lining through the jungle? Those are the clues a good travel agent looks for in honeymoon planning. 

Finding the right destination for the couple is essential for creating a lifetime memory experience for the newlyweds.

Early honeymoon planning is key to matching the couple to the right resort, cruise cabin or European or other world itinerary.

Don Fuchs February 6, 2014