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How Travel Agents Give You More than Travel Websites

Why choose a travel agent, when you can just book your flight and hotel or even an entire honeymoon package on a travel website? For the same reasons you choose a wedding florist and baker, rather than getting your flowers and cake from the supermarket.

Not just for novice travelers

Travel agents do much more than book plane tickets and reserve hotel rooms. We can grant you better rates for your whole party and plan out all the itinerary details, so there are no inconvenient surprises. We will be the go-to person for every aspect of your trip, and everyone in your group.

Many of our couples are experienced travelers who already know what they want. They come to us for the expertise and the convenience of one-stop planning for every aspect of the honeymoon. And if problems arise, such as lost luggage, delays or cancellations, we are also armed with many contacts at airlines and resorts, to get those resolved quickly.

Your one-of-a-kind destination wedding and honeymoon

You don’t want a one-size-fits all package for your wedding and honeymoon. We help you make sure yours is that one-of-a-kind event you’re looking for. I have been to most of the resorts we book, and have met with the general managers and staff. So I know the best locations that will match the experience you want.

And we go beyond the booking into the little details. We arrange for special touches our couples don’t expect, that make your wedding or honeymoon even more memorable. Our couples are so happy with these extras that we often hear from them even during their honeymoon.

All this without costing more

Travel agents earn our commissions from the resorts, airlines and packages we book. In fact, we’ll probably save you money with some of those better rates we mentioned.

Have questions? Please email or call us. And watch the blog for more posts about how a travel agent can make your destination wedding and honeymoon even better.

Don Fuchs May 29, 2014