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July's Hottest Honeymoon Destinations

July's Hottest Honeymoon Destinations

Finding the Perfect July Honeymoon Destination

In many places the July heat can be a bit overwhelming, but with summer being a very popular time to get married it may be the month that you plan on taking your honeymoon. Fortunately, it is also the perfect time to visit a number of popular destinations, where the heat is welcome and the atmosphere is just as hot as the air outside.

Whether you want to spend your time visiting historical sites, exploring a new culture, enjoying superior fine dining, being entertained at lively festivals, or simply sitting back and relaxing, there is a perfect destination to visit for your July honeymoon, and your travel agent can help you find it. No matter where you go, romance will be in the air but these hot honeymoon destinations offer a little adventure to add to the experience.

Greece – Greece is an unbelievably beautiful country with so many islands it can be difficult to choose where to spend your time, but a couple places stand out as superb honeymoon destinations. In Mykonos, the excitement of the summer months is in full swing and you can find all sorts of beach parties taking place in July, and the nightlife is about as vibrant as it gets. Santorini is another fantastic city to visit in July, with breathtaking cliff side hotels, amazing views of the Mediterranean and endless opportunities for romance in the lovely cafes and the secluded swimming areas. During this time a ferry runs between the two cities, giving you even more opportunity to explore this mesmerizing country.

France – It goes without saying that France is an ideal honeymoon destination and one of the most romantic for sure. It may seem cliché to add it to the list, but it really is absolutely charming and perfect for inspiring honeymoon romance. Lyon is known for its eye-catching Renaissance and Medieval architecture that makes for a great tour with your new spouse. The city also features a legendary jazz venue for those late nights after spending a day exploring the city. Of course, you can never go wrong with Paris, the literal city of romance, and there is plenty there to see beyond the Eiffel Tower, although that is worth a visit as well.Your travel agent can give you some ideas as to what to explore in Paris as well as other romantic Parisian cities with plenty to see.

For some, a honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore faraway lands with the one you love and choosing a destination should not be taken lightly. Go somewhere you have always wanted to visit, see as much as possible and experience everything you and book your next honeymoon experience with us today at Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Planners. 401-397-5515 or 888-297-0040.

Don Fuchs July 2, 2018 Honeymoon services, Resorts and Destinations