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Our Best Trash the Dress Photo Shoot Tips

Everyone's talking about trash the dress photo shoots these days. It's a great way to have fun with your wedding festivities and end up with unforgettable photos. If you're wondering about doing a trash the dress session, here are some things to think about:

  1. Talk to your photographer. It's essential that your photographer be on board with the trash the dress concept, and, ideally, experienced at trash the dress shoots. You'll want to know in advance what the extra shoot will cost, and whether the photographer is comfortable with your concept and equipped to take the pictures you want. You won't be able to trash your dress in that tropical lagoon if your photographer doesn't have underwater camera equipment.
  2. Include the groom. While many brides do trash the dress on their own, we think that couples have a lot more fun trashing that dress together. A trash-the-dress setting or theme that matches your style as a couple can provide some of your wedding's most memorable photos.
  3. Schedule it on a different day. Some couples include dress trashing as part of their reception festivities. But if you're going for an elaborate idea or special setting, you'll definitely want to do the shoot a day or two after your ceremony. That gives you and the photographer plenty of time to devote to the shoot. Plus, you'll all be much more relaxed.
  4. Wear a different dress. If you're in love with the idea of a trash the dress shoot, but don't want to destroy your expensive wedding gown, consider buying an inexpensive dress just for this photo session. Pick a style that's comfortable to wear and move in (and swim in?) – but still makes you look great. The more active and messy your trash the dress concept, the more you'll want an easy to wear dress.
  5. Prepare for the wet look. White fabric can become all but transparent when wet. So if trashing your dress includes a soaking, consider wearing a white bikini or tank suit underneath to prevent unwanted exposure.
  6. Plan hair and makeup for the conditions of your shoot. Even while you're trashing, you still want to look great. So go for waterproof makeup, especially on your eyes; and pick a hairstyle suitable for the shoot's conditions and the effects you want. An elaborate updo probably isn't going to work for an underwater plunge or a roll in the sand; on the other hand, long, loose hair may not be ideal for running through woods with snaggy branches!
  7. Non-destination wedding couples can trash the dress, too. Yes, a destination wedding can provide gorgeous settings for dress trashing, plus you and the photographer are already on location to do the shoot a day or two after the ceremony. But if you are getting married closer to home, you can still find lots of great options and locations –including some with special meaning, like your favorite spot for outdoor dates, or the gorgeous local park where you got engaged.
  8. Have a lot of fun. The whole point of a trash the dress shoot is to be much less serious than your formal photos. So don't plan every shot. Play a lot and laugh a lot, and make up poses as you go along. The more spontaneous your trash the dress poses, the more memorable they're likely to be.

If you're still looking for inspiration for your trash the dress shoot, we found this gallery of fabulous Trash the Dress photoshoot ideas. And if you're wondering what wedding destinations are best for trash the dress sessions, we're happy to help you choose and book the spot.

Don Fuchs April 23, 2015