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Star Clipper Cruises - A Perfect Honeymoon

When you call us to plan a honeymoon, we want so much to help you create the perfect experience, that it's sometimes challenging to hit that mark. I have just been re-introduced to a wonderful cruise product that fits perfectly with many couples' dreams - Star Clippers tall ship sailing cruises. I was on one of these ships years ago and I still have very fond memories.

Star Clippers has 3 magnificent sailing ships that sail everywhere around the world. Just imagine cruising under sail around the Greek isles or along the Amalfi coast in the Mediterranean. Or you can sail the Caribbean islands and Cuba, or cross the Panama Canal, or voyage the coast of Southeast Asia. These ships are stunning, and some days the wind pushes you along. The food is fabulous and the accommodations are very well appointed.

Because these ships are much smaller than the typical cruise ship, it's a more intimate community, with a much smaller group of passengers. Yet you can always find your own special place on the ship to be together as a couple. Everything about these cruises - the beautifully appointed ship, the coastlines and ports, the sails against the sky, the stars at night, the sound of the wind - makes a Star Clipper tall ship cruise the most romantic honeymoon you can imagine.

If you're still not sure whether this is the voyage for you, watch the video, then give us a call to book your honeymoon under sail.

Don Fuchs April 21, 2016 Honeymoon services, Cruises