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Tips for A Perfect Beach Wedding

Who doesn’t love the idea of a romantic beach wedding with the sea behind the bride and groom as they take their vows? But if you think a beach wedding is too impractical, here are some tips to help you make that dream happen.

1. Choose a beach that matches your wedding type. A small, informal event may need only accessible parking and a path to carry a few chairs. A big event needs much more in the way of facilities close by, such as restrooms and parking for all those guests. So you will want probably want to consider a resort or reception venue that has a beach or is close to one.

2. Consider the season. Booking a beach wedding in prime season (summer in the states, winter in the Caribbean) will almost guarantee you good weather, but it will also give you higher hotel and vendor costs, and much bigger crowds. Shoulder seasons are usually a good compromise, with lower prices but still a good chance for better weather. Just be sure your preferred local vendors will still be open in the off season.

3. Know the local regulations. Every locale has its own rules and permits for beach weddings; sometimes these can even vary from beach to beach within the same resort town. Rules can determine noise levels, alcohol, parking, whether you need portapotties, and even such details as whether you can strew rose petals or release balloons. So do your research in advance, and make sure you know what is allowed, and what permits and licenses you need, to have a wedding at your dream beach.

4. Be prepared to give up some privacy. Most beaches are public places where you can’t prevent passersby, so you will have to trade some exclusivity to get that spectacular setting. You might ask if your wedding planner has tricks for creating a more private area, such as setting up portable screens or plants around the seating. And be sure your photographer is skilled at editing any stray spectators out of your photo backgrounds.

5. Plan for unexpected weather. Even the loveliest beach day will likely be breezy, so plan your decorations and your wardrobe to allow for the wind, and remind your guests as well. But you should also allow for sun and heat, and unexpected squalls. Depending on how far your ceremony is from indoor shelter, you may want to consider ways to provide shade, water and even sunscreen for your guests in case of too much sun. And don’t forget the bug spray, especially for a sunset ceremony. In the event the weather just won’t permit an outdoor ceremony, have a backup plan, such as picking a reception venue that will let you hold the ceremony there as well.

6. Expect lots of sand! You probably already know that your wedding party’s clothes, especially the dresses, should be sturdy enough to brush off sand, not accumulate it, and that you need heels that won’t sink into the sand. But you also need to consider whether the chairs and decorations you’re planning will sit securely in soft sand, and whether your grandfather, who uses a walker, can make it across a big stretch of sand to his seat. And you’ll want to plan for the wind here, as well. Even a medium breeze can whip stinging sand into the air, making you and your guests uncomfortable. Consider having those privacy screens double as wind screens, if needed.

A dream beach wedding is more than doable, with a little advance planning. If you want your destination wedding to include a beach ceremony,give us a call. We can save you a lot of time, because we know all the ins and outs of planning a destination wedding. We have the answers for your perfect beach wedding. 

Don Fuchs February 25, 2015 Wedding planning tips