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Travel Agent Fees: What You Need to Know

A growing number of destination wedding and honeymoon travel agents are finding the need to charge a fee. The reason? Many travel agents find that after they spend hours doing research for a couple, the couple takes that information and books online on their own. And the agent loses any commission from booking the trip he spent so much time researching.

Many agents who book cruises and tours are asking for a “pay to go” fee. Just as attorneys and CPAs charge fees for consultations to share their expertise, travel agents regard this fee as part of their payment for the work of helping you plan your trip.

Don’t be afraid of that fee

But you don’t have to worry that your travel agent’s fee is going to break the bank. Most fees run from $50.00 to $100.00 dollars – the cost of an average dinner. Your agent should offer a contract along with the fees, so you will know exactly what you are paying for.

Some travel agents who offer package trips already include their fee in the cost of the package. And most other agents who charge a fee will credit the fee to your final payment for the trip.

So if your travel agent does ask for a fee, be sure to ask if it will be applied to the final payment. And remember, that fee is helping to pay for all the expertise your travel agent offers you, to plan your perfect destination wedding and honeymoon, and to help you resolve any problem that might arise during the trip. It’s a bargain!

Don Fuchs July 8, 2014