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Why Every Bride Should Make Time for Beauty Sleep

Why Every Bride Should Make Time for Beauty Sleep

Why Every Bride Should Make Time for Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep may sound like a myth, but it's real. The sleep (or lack of sleep) you get each night can help you look more attractive, well rested, and healthy. If you want to look and feel your best on your wedding day, you may want to make sleep a priority.

How Sleep Makes You Look More Attractive

Many women joke about needing their beauty sleep, but there's real science behind the notion that you can look better after a good night's sleep.

A recent research study investigated whether how sleep deprivation impacted how people were perceived. Observers were shown photographs of people after a full night's sleep, and after they hadn’t slept. They rated the pictures in terms of health, tiredness, and attractiveness.

In the study, the photographs of the well-rested people were perceived as healthier and more attractive than their sleep-deprived versions. Sleep deprived pictures were rated as more tired and less attractive.

Another study indicates there may be a long-term link between sleep deprivation and skin aging. That means beauty sleep doesn't just help you look your best the next day; it also protects your skin from premature aging so you can continue to look your best as you mature.

Getting Your Best Beauty Sleep

Getting good sleep each night is essential if you want to feel energized and prepared to face the day -- and it can make you look better, too. Follow these tips to get the beauty sleep you need for your wedding day, and every day.

  • Prioritize sleep. Engaged couples often have a lot of demands on their time, and it's easy to let sleep fall to the bottom of the to-do list when you have DIY projects to complete, vendors to contact, and invitations to send out. But you'll face all of these challenges with a more clear head, better energy, and look good doing it if you get enough sleep. Make sure you're giving yourself enough time to sleep every night and add in naps during the day if you're coming up short at night.
  • Make your bedroom a healthy sleep environment. Where you sleep can influence how well you sleep. Sleeping in an environment that's noisy, too bright, cluttered, or just uncomfortable can make it difficult for you to get good quality rest. Make sure your bedroom is a quiet, dark place that makes you feel calm, not anxious. Ensure you're sleeping on a bed that's appropriate to your preferences, whether it’s a soft memory foam mattress or a bouncy innerspring, so you get the support and pressure relief you need to rest well.
  • Reduce stress. Stress can have a significant effect on the quality and quantity of your sleep. Make sure you're not letting stress get the best of you as you're planning your wedding and honeymoon. Practice relaxation techniques, including journaling, deep breathing, meditation, and yoga. Talk to friends and family about stress so you can vent and let your stress out. Make sure you're maintaining a good relationship with your fiance and making time for fun date nights, not just wedding planning.
  • Be prepared for jet lag. If you're flying off across time zones for your honeymoon, you may experience jet lag, which can seriously put a damper on beauty sleep and your energy at your destination and when you get home from your trip. Slowly adjust your sleeping schedule, make sure you get a good night's sleep before you fly, consider sleeping on the plane, and make sure you're exposed to sunlight during the daytime to help your body adjust to the time.

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admin June 6, 2018